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‘SACC 1.0’ is an accounting software for maintaining the accounts of an institute. Using SACC we can easily collect fees, promote student from one class or semester to another, voucher entry, purchase entry, sales entry and view balance sheet, P/L account, trial balance report and others reports like fees report, cash bank entry report, ledger wise report etc.

Highlights of Our Accounting Software

Creditors and Debtors

We can add vendor details from this section. If we add vendors from this section then we can use this data of vendors or clients from a totally different section. There are two types of vendors, namely Creditors and Debtors.

Bill and ID Setup

This section is for setting up of bill numbers for Fees receipt, Purchase, Sales, Cash bank, Journal voucher, Scholarship, Requisition for one financial session etc. From here we can set the ID’s for students and staff for a particular financial session.

Tax Setup

This section is for setting tax applied on student fees, purchase, sales and voucher entry. Tax amount will be calculated on the basis of formula which will be set at the time of tax setting.

Student Module

This section is for adding student data and collection of fees from students according to the student ID or class, section and roll no.

Student Enrollment

Add student with the requisite details which are used at the time of fees collection. And collect admission fees from this section after successfully adding a student.

Fees Collection

Collect fees from students according to the fees type (admission, monthly etc) and print the receipt of the fees. And view the fees given by the students after giving the student details.

Accounts Module

This section is the main part and most vital section of this application. From this section we will be able to access cash bank entry, voucher entry, purchase, sales and BRS form.

Journal Vouchers

Miscellaneous expenses will be added from here. There is an option for approval of the voucher entry for accounting reflect.

Alumni Certificate

List of all the passed out students record will be saved in this section.


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