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Insuarance Data Management System

What is IDMS?

IDMS is a cloud base complete insurance agency management system, it can handle everything involved in running an insurance agency, including tracking commissions, updating policy data automatically and reconciling payment transactions as well as whole back office activity. IDMS will decrease your workload and increase your efficiency thus allowing you to focus on growing your agency. IDMS automates your daily tasks, gives you the information to make solid business decisions and protects your agency from the unexpected with notes on each policy and financial reconciliation features.

Why you need IDMS?

We know that you and your team are busy attending to the needs of current, as well as potential, customers. Your hands are full juggling phone calls, browsing through paper files, and providing customer service. IDMS will reduce the time spent on these tasks, which will improve your efficiency and allow you to concentrate on increasing production. Our goal is to eliminate redundancies by automating many of your day-to-day tasks reduce expenses with such tools as going paperless and help you properly manage your agency by giving you the information you need.

Offer of IDMS

IDMS is the a full package includes a whole Website, a Dynamic admin panel and full Back Office management portal. It can helps you or your organization to carry a weight into social activity and as well as management whole data of your valuable agency.

Features of IDMS

  • Website
  • Dynamic Admin Panel
  • Back Office Management System
  • SMS Alert System


Why organizations need a Website?
Now we are living in the Digital World and in this world Website is a big identity of your organization. The most important reason why your organization needs a website is the undeniable businesses sense of additional exposure. If you have a product or service to sell, you cannot make a sale unless someone wants to buy it, and someone will not want to buy it unless they know about. A website can, in simplest terms, just be thought of as a way to get people to know about what you do and why they should care. The advantage of a website is that people you have never before interacted with can discover what you have to offer and, better yet, people specifically seeking what you offer can discover you as a solution to their searching. Just as a billboard on the side of a busy interstate an serve to broadcast a message to many people who otherwise would have never come across the represented organization, so too can a website, even a relatively static one, serve as a big sign on the information superhighway. IDMS will provide you a fully dynamic website as per your requirement along with Customer Login facility, unlimited email ids, Plan presentation, Online Tools and all important features and related links.

Dynamic Admin Panel

What is Dynamic admin Panel?
Trough dynamic admin panel administrator can update or add the content of website such as pictures, text, offers and all information.

Why need Admin Panel?

Dynamic website is easy to use, to modify and can update, and to delete page content. Dynamic websites are ideal for companies and industries offering products or services that change with time or are upgraded over the period of time. On dynamic websites the information can be updated by the site admin without any technical expertise of HTML.

Back office Management System

Back office management is most important requirement of every business and in almost every industrial sector. In fact, a solution in the form of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system has done wonders for many businesses around the globe. IDMS back office management system is a blend of all the features and constraints, required by any insurance agency or insurance Agent. It helps them to manage, optimize and enhance their business processes. IDMS back office management system provides total solutions for the insurance industry in each of the following major business lines like life/health/pensions, property & casualty, reinsurance, and asset management. IDMS back office portal provides software and services support functions from the front-office through the back-office—from customer service and policy administration to actuarial calculations, financial and investment accounting, and reporting and it can helps your business capture growth opportunities, improve regulatory compliance and optimize overall performance.

Advantages of Back Office Management System

  • IDMS back office management system with built-in CRM and intuitive user interface which helps you to manage your clients and business related information easily from one-stop.
  • Web-based CRM makes you more efficient as there are no. installation requirements, relieving you of hardware issue and virus threats.
  • Global access through Internet and mobile phones.
  • Built using latest technological platforms and frequently updated to make sure that it is meeting the latest technological advancements in the market.
  • Paper-less solution - No need to maintain piles of paper work since all of your important information is easily stored in IDMS back office management system and accessible whenever they are required

Features of Back Office Management System

Suspect and Prospect Details
Client Enquiry details
Client registration Details
Policy Registration
Premium Details
Collection Details
Loan Details
Death Claim Details
Survival Benefit Details
Maturity Details
Client Payment History
Excess Shortage Details (Collection)
Due Payment History
Collection Details through staff
Reference Details
Maturity Alert Details
Entry Details
User Access Control

SMS Alert System

SMS technology in insurance sector ensures competitive advantage as it highly increases customer satisfaction. Implementing mobile messaging in this sector means that you can notify your customers with SMS text messages about their financial transactions. This functionality can be used in several cases and it can be achieved most practically if the database of your agency or organization is connected to an SMS gateway software .This solution then makes it possible to send text messages to multiple recipients at the same time and allows real time notifications. SMS messaging is the most simple but very effective way of communication today as it makes fast information exchange possible. SMS text messages can be sent and read at any time and any place. As the recipient can decide about the proper time to read them, your messages will not be considered as intrusive or negative in comparison with telephone callings. Your existing and future customers will appreciate this act and with this solution you will gain more loyal customers.SMS alert system can integrate with IDMS


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