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DND Open Transactional SMS

You can send SMS to DND activated mobile numbers for real time transactions such as Share market, financial hub, among others, through our High Priority DND Open gateway.

Highlights of Our Transactional SMS Plans

No DND Restrictions

Send SMS to DND Numbers

NDNC filter is disabled for SMS accounts. We need an application from you to provide you this service.

Send SMS in Bulk

You are free to send SMS as much as you can

Sending SMS in Bulk will not effect its speed. You are free to send as much as SMS you want at a time.

CSV file upload

Upload contacts through CSV

We provide extremely user friendly SMS control panel including CSV file upload feature and Group feature.These CSV and Group features are extremely helpful for bulk SMS service

Free Sender ID

We provide free sender id

We don't charge for sender id. Users can use sender ids as much as they wish. Only need admin's approval to make this visible in SMS control panel.

Message Scheduler

User can schedule messages

Message scheduler is very useful for SMS campaign as user can predefine SMS sending time and no need to be online at the time of Bulk SMS campaign.

Excel Plug-in for 03 & 07

Excel Plugins

Any one can send Bulk SMS directly from Microsoft Excel using our Excel plug-in tool.


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